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Five applications that fun in these holidays

Now that you have more free time that usual usually vacation will have at that time, you can use your device with Android operating system to kill those times when free that you don’t know what to do. We will propose you five applications with which it is possible to do this without spending a single euro.

All of the developments that we propose can be downloaded from Play Store , so it is easy to download and install them (and apart, including the security of Google’s platform). As we have indicated, is you don’t have to pay anything to get the applications, so if you don’t like any of them deleted from the phone or Tablet is something which does not doubt.


By the way, the requirements of each of the works they are not very high , by which all choices can be used in models that don’t have to be the most powerful on the market. The mid-range is always an option and, in many cases, even the entrance is a possibility.

Selected applications

To then leave the links to selected developments that allow you to take advantage of those times when dead that have from time to time. For each application we leave a corresponding link and, also, a brief explanation of what you’ll find on it:

How to Make Paper Airplanes

Although it is English this application does not doubt doubt what offers. You learn how to build different types of aircraft of paper in a simple way and with very explanatory images. You can get designs of the most spectacular that simulate current fighters.

Aplicación How to Make Paper Airplanes

WP-Appbox: How to Make Paper Airplanes (Free, Google Play) →

Clash Royale

This is a game that is more fun and, no need for many hours at a time to have fun. Battles of units, represented by letters, in which the skills of each one of them unfolding in the most appropriate manner whenever it has power (elixir) this are measured. Fun and attractive play online.

Juego Clash Royale

WP-Appbox: Clash Royale (Free*, Google Play) →

Podcast & Radio Addict

Radio is one of the best companions for travel and leisure time, since it is possible from listening to music to programs with content that are specific and the taste of each user this application brings together live broadcasts with the rebroadcast of podcast. Its interface is intuitive and you’ll find content from anywhere in the world.

Aplicación Podcast & Radio Addict

WP-Appbox: Podcast & Radio Addict (Free, Google Play) →


If you don’t know what to do at any given time, a good option is the record a video with what you’re doing at that moment or tell your contacts what you have thought. The truth is that once the step is taken, record is something that is appealing. Everything is live, for what is not editable, and the use is very simple to Twitter account.

Periscope aplicaicón

WP-Appbox: Periscope (Free, Google Play) →

Pure Chess

For a long time that chess is a great way to pass the time. This game of strategy and logic, allows you to have fun both to confront your own Android device as a rival of all parts of the world. This application is, undoubtedly, that should not miss you on your device if you like this ancient game.

Pure Chess aplicaición

WP-Appbox: Pure Chess (Free*, Google Play) →

Other applications for Google’s operating system can find them in this section of Android support.

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