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You use the Sony Xperia keyboard on any Android

If you’re that they like to experiment with new options on your mobile phone, one of which you must try is switching the keyboard that you use on your phone or tablet. One of the possibilities that exist is the to use to the the Sony Xperia keyboard on devices that are not from the Japanese company. We tell you how to get it without any risk and make the process particularly complex.

To get what you are there to be complicated steps, such as for example the check out the terminal or having to access the bootloader menu, since an application gets installed the Sony Xperia keyboard. That Yes, the installation file is not available from Play Store, so APK download direct device must be manually.

Nuevo teléfono Sony Xperia Z3+

This link you can get it, and when you do, click on it to get you started the installation regularly. That Yes, ask that you enable the option unknown sources on your Android device. You must do it, because otherwise you can not achieve the goal of this tutorial. Do it quiet, because that does not put in risk the stability of your mobile terminal.

What must be done

The first thing is to be clear that the minimum requirements for installing. These are who are available for Android 4.4 or higher and that is free in the terminal more than 20 MB. If you meet this, you can install the Sony Xperia keyboard on your phone or tablet. These are the steps to take:

  • Once installed the APK, access the section called language and input device (may vary on different models, but it will be very similar)

Instalación del teclado de los Sony Xperia

  • Now click on the keyboard and select the section that allows you to choose the one you want to use
  • Choose which have installed to activate the keyboard of the Sony Xperia on your device
  • Click on OK – or accept – and you’re all done
  • You can as usual to change the settings of the keyboard of the Sony Xperia on a regular basis in your terminal

Instalación del teclado de los Sony Xperia

Other applications for Google’s operating system can find them in this section of Android support. There are options of all kinds and needs.

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