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How to view the match Italy – Spain in the Euro 2016 on your Android

Starts today the important thing for the Spanish team, since it began its journey by direct in the Euro 2016 crossings since disputed her second round match. Exactly this will happen to the 18.00 in Paris. It is possible to not have option to see it on a TV and, if this happens to you, your Android phone is an excellent choice to watch the Italy – Spain.

Retransmission live chain does it Telecinco and, therefore, if you have a TV by hand this is a possibility that you should not download. Otherwise, you can use some of the applications that are going to propose and which emit the match Italy – Spain live and without having that pay. That Yes, you must have Internet access to be able to give them use, and much better if is via WiFi, since otherwise you consume a good amount of data.

Selección española en Euro 2016

The options we propose

Below you can see the possibilities that we believe that they are the best available, and all of them, are present in the store Play Store , by what they do with them is really simple (and the installation also).

The first option is to resort to Mitele , own Mediaset, to descaragr development application must use the image that is behind this paragraph and, also, if access to your website also uedes see the match of second round of the Spanish:

WP-Appbox: Mitele – TV on demand (Free, Google Play) →

La UEFA also offers the match Italy – Spain and therefore on their website you can enjoy the meeting. It is ideal to give you high by Facebook, since otherwise the process is quite complex. If you are outside our country, is the best possibility (if it doesn’t redirect to the above service):

WP-Appbox: Complete Edition (Free*, Google Play) →

Entrenamiento de la selección española Euro 2016

If this doesn’t convince you, you can always resort to the direct page as the daily AS, where will inform of each one of the actions that happen in the Italy – Spain and, therefore, you will not miss anything, and not consume lots of data. Other applications of this type, can also find them in this Android help link.

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