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Five free apps to read comics on your Android

One of the things for which you have more time in summer is reading, and mobile terminals (especially tablets) are an excellent option to do this. As well, we have five applications that are specifically thought to read comics on your Android with a quality beyond doubt and that, in addition, offer an excellent compatibility.

All selected developments has an element in common that makes them more conspicuous if possible: are completely free , so it is possible to try them all – and, thus, know what that best adapts to your needs. Additionally, the download and installation does not no problem, since the store that is used for this purpose is Play Store, for what counts with the support of Google.

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Not all developments are translated into Spanish, something that we do not consider basic already that the important part they are content to read comics on your Android, and these may be perfectly in our language. The fact is that with very basic actions, you can navigate through the menus of each application. Without more, we turn to leave the links and a short description for each of them:

Perfect Viewer

It is one of the developments that offers a compatibility broad, since it is possible to use from image files as compressed ZIP or RAR. Options such as zoom or customize the color are present, and there is a very visual library that allows you to organize all the comics that you have installed. The possibility of using anti-aliasing is very interesting for eyestrain.

Aplicación Perfect Viewer para Android

WP-Appbox: Perfect Viewer (Free, Google Play) →

Challenger Comics

Good compatibility, where we will find the PDF or ePUB , it is possible to scroll to right and left through gestures. One of the details that draw more attention is the ability to view up to two pages on screen, which is very suitable for large-sized tablets. Can be installed on the microSD card, which is always positive.

Aplicación Challenger Comics para Android

WP-Appbox: Challenger Comics Viewer (Free, Google Play) →

Astonishing Comic Reader

The interface of this application to read comics on your Android is really intuitive. In addition, the monitoring of the actions is very comfortable since, for example, the pages are passed with only press on screen. With a good representation of the hyb colors acceptable compatibility, is to my mind in the simple handling of all elected developments.

Aplicación Astonishing Comic Reader para Android

WP-Appbox: Astonishing Comic Reader (Free*, Google Play) →


This development has the great virtue of needing a hardware content to use it, so it offers one good compatibility both files that can be open as in devices where to read comics on your Android. The interface is rather old, but its speed of execution is noteworthy. The color management is not the best, but that the efficient enough to not clash.

Aplicación ComicRack para Android

WP-Appbox: ComicRack Free (Free, Google Play) →


The quality of this app is beyond doubt. Offers everything you need to be able to read comics on your Android, since colors are represented in an outstanding way and, moreover, it is really accurate. With excellent compatibility and fluidity unbeatable when you open files, even though occupy them. In addition, has a own database with contents that are discharged directly.

Aplicación Comics para Android

WP-Appbox: Comics (Free*, Google Play) →

Other applications for Google’s operating system, you can meet them in this section of Android support, where there are opportunities beyond the readers of comics.

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