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7.1.2 Android will arrive April 3

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A new version of Android we already expected in April. It’s Android 7.1.2, that although it will not be an extremely wide update, if it could be one of the last modifying the version numbering. You will arrive on April 3.

A new update awaits us at the beginning of the coming month. Specifically, it will be on April 3, when will be launched officially this new version and when will begin to reach the Smartphones and tablets that first updated firmware.

Cua them will be the novelties of this version? At the moment we know very little. It seems to be solved some problems present in earlier versions, and optimization of some functions will be held.

That is exactly what is always informed with any updates, so it’s really not too relevant to establish what will be the real novelties of this version, something that probably we will confirm when it definitively.

However, devices which if will receive improvements likely the Nexus and the Google Pixel. The latter has problems recently with speaker, so it wouldn’t be rare that one of the objectives is to fix this with the next update. Even so, until it is not released definitively the update there will be no way to know their actual characteristics.

It will be on April 3, when come Android 7.1.2 and being the first to update the mobile Google. Both the Nexus Nexus and 6 p 5 X as the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL.

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