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Sony Xperia XZ Premium is now possible price, and will be expensive

Sony Xperia XZ Premium could be one of the best mobile this year. In fact, some of its features will outstrip all phones we’ve seen so far, as in the case of your screen. However, this same will also be a costly mobile. Although it was expected, taking into account the high level which will have smart phone.

800 euros on June 1

It must be said that at the moment it is not definitive and official price of Sony Xperia XZ Premium, but only of the price which has already appreciated the Smartphone to Amazon UK. We say that it is not a definitive official price, but the truth is that Amazon already guaranteed sale at this price for users who already make the pre-purchase of the mobile, so it is clear that at least in the United Kingdom will have this price smart phone. Less clear is the fact that the smartphone will have that price in Spain, although it is likely that does not vary much. According to Amazon UK, mobile already you can purchase by 650 pounds sterling, although we will not receive it until June 1. That leaves us with about 800 euros in price.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Lluvia

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Sony Xperia XZ Premium will be a high level mobile. With highlight three of its features it is enough to understand that you it’s one of the best smartphones on the market. Its screen is 5.5 inch but it is notable for being almost the only on the market today that has a 4 K resolution. In addition to this, your camera has the new sensor from Sony’s 19 Megapixel, capable of recording at a speed of 960 fps. And all without forgetting the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. With these three features, it seems not really an expensive mobile. In price is the most expensive on the market, but it has even better features than these.

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