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SwiftKey adds nothing less than sound to the keypad of the mobile

SwiftKey is competing with Gboard for being the best keyboard available for smart phones and tablets. If you recently mentioned that the suggestion of words system had improved when using SwiftKey Flow, now comes something new, that has to do with the addition of sound to the keypad of the mobile.

A keyboard that sounds

At the beginning of computing, and until it does so long in fact, mechanical keyboards were the market standard. These keyboards made too much noise, and as soon as it was possible to moved to keyboards that did not nearly noise. However, for some reason, now they want to add sound to the keypad of the mobile. SwiftKey added this novelty as an update for the stable version of its keyboard. And is it not only sound, but an option with which you can choose between four different sounds to keys, as well as among nine levels of volume.

SwiftKey Neural

It might seem an irrelevant feature, and even useless, but the truth is that it is not so much. One of the problems we have with touch screens in comparison with physical keyboards and that makes us write slower, is the fact that keys do not provide any response, and therefore we do not know precisely when you’ve pressed it. The sound could be a good solution for this problem.

It is also true that the future does not seem to be sound in mobile keyboards to be able to write faster, but rather new writing systems, such as writing by gestures, in the own SwiftKey Flow and also in Gboard.

Whatever it is, it is a new option available in SwiftKey which will cause the keyboard to continue competing with Google, Gboard keypad. Yet it is not easy to say which is the better of the two.

SwiftKey article adds nothing except sound to the keypad of the mobile was published in AndroidAyuda.

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