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5 characteristics that make a unique mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was presented yesterday precisely for what it is, the definitive mobile this year 2016. Rarely when a mobile is launched we can speak of a perfect mobile, but if there is one that comes close to that, that is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. And beyond that one brand, can like it or not Samsung has met a series of features on this phone that make it a unique smartphone. Here are the 5 keys of the phone.

1 s-Pen

Although in personally, practically and never write by hand (on the contrary, I forced to write by hand so you don’t forget me), there are users who still prefer to follow can handwrite, or take notes with a pen or a pointer. The S-Pen has improved much. Its accuracy is superior. Works great, and now may even take notes very quickly thanks to the Always On, even without that unlock your Smartphone screen. No other mobile market has a single pointer of this level, no one, and already only so it could be a reason to purchase the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, although it is not the only one.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

2. water resistance

The resistance to the water not is a characteristic only of this mobile. However, begins to be a feature that is disappearing from some mobile phones. The Sony, have gone from submersible and operate under the water to no longer operate under water. The resistant have become it just splashes, are not submersible. Meanwhile, Samsung has a mobile that in the last not was resistant to the water, to a level in which Yes it is. Even the S-Pen will work even if there is water in the screen. A feature to have very survey. While in the rest of the market seems to be a feature in recession, not so in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

3. amazing design

In my opinion, the design of the smartphone is unbeatable. Already are not talking about an Edge version, isn’t that the standard version, the only version, has a curved screen. But also, not only is curve it screen front, but also the glass back, what us leave a frame very fine, that just being metallic. This improves the grip of the smartphone. Taking into account that front and rear casing are glass, mobile finishing is amazing and brilliant. I find it simply great. The screen reaches to the ends of the sides, and that I also love. To this it must still add Gorilla Glass 5 crystal that becomes resistant to falls to 1.5 meters smartphone to mobile. For me, another feature to consider.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

4.-thought for the VR

In addition, it is a mobile phone designed for the future. With different graphics platforms integrated, but also thinking very clearly about virtual reality, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is probably today best mobile that used for virtual reality, next to Samsung Gear RV launched next to the smartphone.

5. a perfect balance

Finally, I’d like to emphasize that it is a smartphone that is not devoid of any feature of new generation. It includes no less than an internal memory of 64 GB which is enough for any smartphone. 16 or 32 GB, 64 GB for the single version. In addition to this, its screen is 5.7 inch Quad HD.¬†Includes the new connector USB Type-C, and also is compatible with load wireless. All features of new generation which we certainly value on a smartphone. Its 12 megapixel camera with dual-pixel approach is at the height of the best mobile cameras on the market. Said, that little more to say to make it clear that it is a unique mobile, and that you will hardly find rival this year. Perhaps Yes if we have in mind the price, but it is certainly a unique team.

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