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The new style of interface of Android will be even more minimalist

Android could change your style of interface. It could completely change style, and give a radical change to what so far has been a very recognized element in the operating system. We talked about the launcher, as well as the drawer applications. All this could change with the new Launcher that could get both to the Nexus as for other smartphones.

Nexus Launcher

It could be called Nexus Launcher, but the truth is that the name is little relevant, if what we have in mind is that what really doesn’t matter in this case is that you it’s a new Google Launcher that allows us to see what is the vision that has the company of this element with regard to the future. You see will be the interface of the future, and how you want to be. We see more minimalism in all elements of the new interface.

Nexus Launcher

But that most highlights, above all, is the fact that the drawer of applications already not run by pressing the central button of the drop-down menu, but rather directly to the slide up from the bottom of the screen is displayed.

Apart from that, we find that you dispense with many flourishes on screen. For example, there is a clock on the main desktop. For what, if it is in the corner? The date appears, that Yes, and big, as well as a button to access Google Now. In addition, folders would have a new look, much more minimalist than the previous version. In any case, seems to me that it is a pretty good style for an interface, and I think it is interesting by other factor more.

A design that you can install on any Android

Something very relevant in this new launcher for Android is that it will be possible to install it on any smartphone and replace which leads the Smartphone series, whatever it is. It doesn’t matter if we have a Xiaomi with MIUI interface or if we have a Samsung TouchWiz, we can install this launcher for Google and will have the style of the minimalist interface that Google already sees in their smartphones of the future.

It is likely that very soon this new Nexus Launcher available formally at Google Play so that we can install it on any smartphone with Android operating system.

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