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Pokemon GO is updated, but not is enough

Pokémon GO is updated to a new version which includes some relatively relevant novelty and which makes us think that soon to be more new things, but you just do not suffice to give incentives to the players to keep playing the game, which seems to go losing the impact that had when it was first released.

Pokémon GO begins to lose impact

The game of Niantic starts to leave of be the phenomenon that has been in the last weeks. And it is that lack of new features in the game, players have quickly completed all of the goals that had. Many have already all those Pokemon or nearly all that is can obtain in the game. Many others have realized from the repetitive, that is be attacking gyms to dominate them and lose them the next day. Either way, the game starts to lose interest for players, who decide to leave it parked or even abandon it. Hence any update is relevant, because as already said Niantic, we have only seen 10% of what is Pokémon GO. Is possible, but as not start to reach a percentage top of the game, can that does not arrive to launch it completely never.


At the moment, in updating the leaders of each team, the yellow, red and blue are relevant. Not is that go to have an importance vital, but that us will give tips on the strength that have our Pokemon and how use them to the attack to others Pokemon in those gyms. I.e., that will help to those users that not had many knowledge on Pokemon so these may know more or less what Pokemon are best to attack those gyms.

Even so, not just by being sufficient. Make missing updates that change the game. For example, is necessary that is can transfer Pokemon between users, or even that is can fight between these without having that go to any gym. On the other hand, neither would be rare that soon reached the second generation of creatures to the game. This would provide important news and reengancharía users. We will see what happens at the end.

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