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4 problems of Android applications

There are many apps for Android, rather than for iOS, today. However, it true is that that not is necessarily good. And in any case, there is a key and basic problem in the world of apps for Android. One? There are 4. These are the 4 problems that have the applications for Android.

1. There are too many

One of the problems is that there are too many apps. Too many apps of the same type, very difficult to analyze, and between them that is very difficult to choose. Yesterday was merely an app to write down reminders, and it is not easy to know what is the best app. There should be a way to learn more about an application without the need of installing it, and is not only through the recommendations. And can perhaps run it virtually prior to installation, for example.

2. users of Android, will be always Android?

Let’s face it, not all Android users, will be lifelong users of Android. In fact, many people think, “if I had more money, would have an iPhone”. That said, for what you will pay for the apps of Android if in the future perhaps they can use them to have an iPhone? It is a problem, clear is. Not is easy love is of Android as system operating as itself can be it love is of an iPhone or of iOS. And that makes that users do not have an affinity to their smartphones, and that it cost them much more pay to have those apps on your mobile.


3. what quality Apps?

All of this, you should go to a problem coming from the beginning of Android. The system operating from Google had many less apps that the of Apple. So the goal was to get more apps. More users could develop more apps because there was no need to have a Mac, and was the choice of many who started in the world of applications. However, an app that says “Hello World”, is not a useful app, is not a quality app. Sadly, there are many poor quality apps for Android. And although there are some very good apps, still many very bad, and differentiate them is not so easy.

4 lack uniformity in design

The arrival of Material Design was key for Google, to establish a standard design for the system interfaces and apps. That’s something key. It will take a lot time that all apps have the same style, but Google will not change Material Design into a very long time. So far, we have only seen a great change in the interface of iOS, the skeumorfismo, to minimalism. It was very easy to adapt. In Google we have gone from not having a defined style, Holo-style, and Material Design. This makes that there is still a hotchpotch of styles between apps from long ago, users with lack of style, and which adapted the design of Apple directly to Android smartphones, which also exist. This lack of uniformity, one sees applications, and not just draw your attention. It is not easy to find something of quality that make one decide to pay for an application to organize every day. This implies having to try many, wasting much time… and finally renounce to choose an application permanently. I.e. limited to have the mobile to call, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., rather than as a tool with many possibilities to work and organize, that is what that happens to many iPhone users.

This does not mean that there are no fantastic apps for Android, and that there are no users who use Android better than users who have an iPhone. But it is true that they are four in which Google should work, and problems that should be solved to bring Android to the level of iOS in it comes to apps.

Article 4 issues in Android applications was published in AndroidAyuda.

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