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The Samsung Gear S3 will be also with bezel Rotary and will arrive in the IFA-2016

The Samsung S3 Gear will be great intelligent clock Samsung that will arrive this year, a new smart watch to try to succeed in the market of the wearables, and with which to compete with the more than likely Apple Watch 2. This year, that Yes, there will be a great novelty, at least in what refers to the design of the watch. It will continue to be circular, with a rotating bezel, and would be presented at the IFA 2016.

Bezel Rotary

One of the most noteworthy features of the Samsung S3 Gear would be his revolving bezel. In fact this is one of the few features that until now can confirm, by that which has spoken, the new smart watch. However, taking in has that already was a feature of his predecessor, seems logical that this clock also count with said bevel. In addition, confirms that it will share many features as above, also counting a circular screen.

Samsung Gear S2 Portada

IFA 2016 launch

More information arrives over the clock, but in this case has more to do with the fact that the smartwatch launch in 2016 IFA, in the event that will take place at the beginning of September of this year. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now has a date of filing and would come on August 2, so this new smart watch could be the protagonist by Samsung for the event which will take place in the city of Berlin.

At least, it is a possibility, because it remains to be seen if really it will be as well or not. It is possible that Samsung have any other news to present at the event, or even that they decide to throw the clock smart at a later time, which could be both anterior and posterior to the 2016 IFA Berlin. Whatever it is, it will launch before the end of the year with total security.

The Samsung S3 Gear item will also feature rotating bezel and will arrive in the IFA 2016 was published in AndroidAyuda.

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