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Google Play Family is here, share apps, music and movies with your friends

Google Play Family is not completely new. Actually Google has already announced that it would this new a few months ago. And it was clear that he was going to do after Apple launched something. However, in this case it’s the choice for Google’s platform, Google Play Family is called and has its own characteristics. This is all you’ve got to know about this new service.

Sharing apps and content

One of the key features of Google Play Family is that we share apps and content, which we bought with our family. In total, we can share it with until a group of six people, that in theory would include to family or friends, who want have in that group of six people. The apps that we buy, or films that we buy, can be downloaded and used by the other five components of the plan, so it will save us money with certain applications or games that, rather than having to buy all, we buy only once. In theory, this would also include books, but Spanish regulations with respect to the books could limit this, and maybe that’s that the platform is not yet available in Spain. We will in any case if it comes, and if it comes with this feature or not.

Google Play Portada

Paying with a single card

There is a basic difference between Apple family plan. In the case of the Cupertino there is a single card that the payments are made by all users, in the case of Google Play Family payable in different ways. One of them is the same as in the case of Apple, with a single card of one of the users of the plan. But in addition to this, to make it easier, each user can pay independently with the method of payment that you want, either PayPal or your own credit or debit card. In this way, not all payments have to fall on a single user, but that users can choose the payment method they want, what is really interesting to users, and give different options of payment to each of the components of the plan.

Google Play Music Family

Finally, next to the above should be noted Google Play Music Family, a plan that actually there is nothing different about what already offer Spotify or Apple Music. Basically, is is of a plan with which can listen music in streaming, using the service of Google Play Music, although can use it the 6 people that component the plan family, with a fee of as only 15 euros to the month. Have in has that the price of this service for a single user is of 10 euros, by what the power pass of 1 user to 6 users by only 5 euros more is a great novelty. Apple was the first company to introduce this type of family plan, which assumed a brutal improvement over the family plan that counted Spotify previously, and the latter went to recently modify its family plan to match Apple and offer the same, 6 users for only 15 euros a month, each with its own Google Play Music , their own lists of music, their possibility to listen to music offline, etc. I.e., a plan Premium as you know, but for six users, and paying 15 euros to the month.

At the moment, that Yes, this plan is not available in Spain and will have to wait to see if lands permanently, something that neither should take too much if we take into account that other similar plans as the Apple are already in operation.

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