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3 reasons why we need now the eSIM

Well, for me I’m tired of this the normal Sims. Having to be associated with a physical card is not useful. For various reasons. I believe that we now need the eSIM so well known that many have spoken but still have to wait. These are the 3 reasons for you need an eSIM.

Not be associated with a physical card

Something that I like about the eSIM is that we are not associated with a physical card. And that means that we must not lose it. When we changed Mobile, we change from one card to another, you could even spend us to lose it, and that we could not recover it. It seems lie, right? I use several mobile and sometimes change from one card to another several times the same day, know what I mean. Everything is solved with an eSIM. We are not associated with a physical card and, therefore, would not have these problems.


Being able to easily change operator

Another fact which in turn has to do with the above is that we could quickly change operator. That of having to make a portability or ask for a new line and have to wait a few days to get the card we ended. We could hire a line and have it available at the time, according to what you need. And if we travel abroad, it would equal. Suppose that we are going to cover an event, and suddenly that we want to broadcast live such a presentation but we don’t have enough data comes to mind. In 10 minutes we can recruit a new line to have the amount of data that you want to and be able to achieve this.

To be able to constantly change mobile

I have several mobile. Each of them with different characteristics. I have mobile that I use when I do sport because of its characteristics (small, more battery). I have mobile that I use when I go to take pictures (a good camera). Switch from one to another, it means having to change the card to carry data and that I don’t like. If I had the card in the two mobile phones, being an eSIM, could move from a mobile to another in a matter of a few minutes, configuring a few apps like WhatsApp that require a particular configuration for each mobile, but only that.

I think that the eSIM should already come and that they would be really useful. We will see when abona finally reaching Spain, since it seems that they will be delayed a bit more.

Article 3 reasons why we need now the eSIM was published in AndroidAyuda.

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