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The key to buying a good mobile is in the balance

We talked about the other day that there are “good” mobile and the “big” mobile. However, the truth is that we should talk about another type of mobile. Or rather, something that makes up mobile phones, its equilibrium level, and I think that it is what should be key when buying a mobile phone.

The balance of a mobile

Let’s imagine that we have a mobile phone with a great camera, but your processor and your RAM memory do we not use it to play and not even to talk with our friends through applications like WhatsApp. Then what would be the utility of such mobile? We would say that there is a great imbalance. So I would like to speak of the balance in the smarthpones, which for me is the real key when choosing a smartphone. And I’m going to talk about two phones that I have right now, Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro and the Moto G4 Plus. The latter is a ‘great’ mobile. It has some virtues with respect to the first. But the first, still worse, is a more balanced mobile. Why?

Balance is the key

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro just liking me more. Your fingerprint reader works worse. It weighs a little more. Its screen is smaller. Your camera is worse. But it has more battery. Thanks to this, I use it to play, to talk on the phone, to write to my friends, and to run my career monitoring and listening to music at the same time. Impossible for the G4 Plus motorcycle without having it charged to half of any of these processes. A great mobile Moto, Yes, but with that flaw that for me and any user will be crucial, it is rather little battery.

So, before buying, or analyze a mobile, think about its equilibrium level. It has a great camera, perhaps, a great design, perhaps, but all other details, accompany it from your RAM, internal memory or battery capacity? The balance is the true key to choose a good mobile.

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