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Use your Android to the results of the elections of the 26J

Today is the day to go to the polls in Spain since held the elections of the 26J . These are a repetition of that not long ago were carried out, and which were not finally effective due to the fact that there was agreement between the political forces to choose a Government. The case is that there are Android apps that can follow the results in real-time.

Obviously speak official data, so none of the polls is what you will see in the developments that we have chosen so that you don’t miss how the scrutiny once polling stations closed their doors – and that the elections of the 26J completed, in what refers to the possibility of exercising voting rights-.

Votar en las elecciones

As we have indicated, the information seen in the two developments is obtained in real time through the official channels offering from State agencies. And, therefore, it is possible to view information with one global visualization of Spain and, of course, provinces and autonomous communities, for this way to have a detailed map of the results that have been given this time in Spain.

Selected applications

The first, as it cannot be otherwise, is the EU Ministry of the Interior offers, so your data is an unquestionable truth. You can see from the percentage of vote of each political formation until the corresponding distribution of seats. With a clear and intuitive interface, review the data does not have any complications. Graphics provides are striking.

Aplicaicón elecciones 26J del Ministerio del Interior

WP-Appbox: Elections General 2016 (Free, Google Play) →

Other options available are given below, where the data will be knowing the scrutiny is available, but aside, it can also be known information of each political party and polls exit polls will be published:

WP-Appbox: Elections General 2016 26J (Free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Elections General 2016 26J (Free, Google Play) →

Other applications for Google’s operating system can find them in this section of Android support.

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