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Why not must you load the mobile with on screen?

The battery is one of the components that we will want to take care in our mobile, given that will determine the autonomy that we have with our smartphone, and with the passage of time, a deterioration in this could put an end to the life of our smart phone. If like take care of your battery, you must avoid load the mobile with the screen lit, why?

Reducing the battery charging cycles

All battery has a life useful that tends to be determined by the cycles of load. I.e. battery components are deteriorating as we use it. It load fast also can contribute to the deterioration of the battery is upper, and is logical if have in has that it power to which is load the battery is notably high, and this contributes to them components of the battery is damaged before. If our phone is compatible with the bulk as if not, everything we do that the power of load exceed will make greater deterioration of the battery, and will thus reducing the load cycles that are left to the battery.

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Charge the battery with the on screen is a mistake

One of those resources that have when we use our mobile much is connect the smartphone so is load while it use. Mainly if we have a lit screen produces a power consumption very high while we use the mobile. This leads to that the intensity with which the battery is charged is higher, to be able to offset such a high power consumption of the display. However, work with a so high intensity affects the battery.

By this, the ideal is charging the mobile with the screen off. Ironically, the intensity with which the mobile battery will be charged will be lower. But not being consumed so much energy the display, the battery will be charged more quickly. And to not reach as high intensity, the battery will have a superior service life. With this, we will be taking care of the battery. And everything is limited to allow the battery to charge when we are not using the smartphone. It ideal is used it when not is loading, and let it load when not it we are using.

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