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Creates funds of screen with gradients of colours with Mixt

The wallpapers are simpler resource to change the look of our smartphone, since it whatever it is the Android that you have and whatever the launcher that we have installed, we will have the possibility of changing the desktop wallpaper. Mixt is an application with which we can generate them funds of screen to measure, using gradients of colors.

Mixt, creating funds of screen

Although you can configure any photograph that we made as a wallpaper, or you can download any of the hundreds of wallpapers of landscapes that can be found, the truth is that if we want to adapt the appearance of the wallpaper to a specific interface layout, perhaps we have to generate our own wallpaper. And if we want to be minimalist, we have a choice of the most interesting, which is to use an application like Mixt to generate these wallpapers.

Basically, with Mixt only have to choose two colors so that the application will automatically generate us a wallpaper that is a gradient ranging from the starting color to the end color. Gives us the option of adding a third color, and even include a pattern of moles, whose color can also choose.

In generating the gradient colors, we are given the option to select If we want to be upright, if we want that it is horizontal, or even two options if we added diagonal.

And the truth is that Mixt does not give us many more options, because the purpose of the application is to be minimalist and simple so anyone can use it easily.

Once have configured the background of screen as it want to, only will have that press in the button Set wallpaper so is set automatically as the background of screen standard, or can save it as image in our gallery to use it for the future.

Being a simple app, Mixt can be used daily, for example, to match the background colors of clothing that we bring that day, and thus always be coordinated, including also our smartphone interface.

WP-Appbox: Mixt – Gradients & Patterns (Free+, Google Play) →

Mixt is a free application, is available on Google Play, and its simplicity makes it a great choice for users who want to have minimalist wallpapers but can customize them themselves.

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