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Where is Xiaomi? Why not come to Europe?

Xiaomi has become one of the most important companies in the world of smart phones since it has a great balance in their quality/price ratio with smartphones. However, continue casting of less your arrival to Europe. Why Xiaomi not landed in our continent when other Chinese manufacturers are Yes coming?

Other Chinese manufacturers do arrive

Not seeing Xiaomi coming to Europe while years ago that rumored and discussed this possibility, is the most curious. Xiaomi they even signed Hugo Barra, Google, in charge of its international expansion, not taking place, actually. In principle, knew that not going to be simple for Xiaomi, and as other manufacturers of China had the same problem, nor seemed something strange. However, today the situation is different, many Chinese mobile manufacturers are coming to Europe, while Xiaomi continues without lands. What happens?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Portada

Xiaomi has an important international structure

One of the reasons why the Xiaomi does not reach Europe has to do with the company already has a significant presence in Europe. I.e., other companies do not sell so many smartphones around the world. It is the case for companies such as telephone or Ulefone, or somebody like that. They do not sell many mobile outside China, and this makes his arrival in Europe is interesting. Your mobile must sell more expensive, and two-year warranty, but that is not a problem. Why? Because all what sold here is win something of share of market to a giant as Xiaomi in what is refers to the mobile Chinese. However, Xiaomi if sold in Europe already. It is true that it does not officially, but yes through distributors. In fact, as relevant is the amount of mobile that sold, that has versions “international” of their smartphones, when actually not them sells officially here. It is clear that they know that their phones Yes come here, and why release these versions.

If Xiaomi to be officially sold in Europe, would have to be with a higher price, and offering mandatory two-year warranty. This would mean that users not raised is to buy mobile in distributors, but that they had both already moving so cheap at your fingertips. Some users would be fixed in the Xiaomi, and then opt for other mobiles because the difference with respect to the large Smartphone would not be so great. Thus, Xiaomi cannot reach Europe without putting at stake the sale of its mobile existing in our continent and in the United States. This is why the company has many more problems to get here than other manufacturers of mobile Chinese. We will see how much longer we have to wait to get the Xiaomi formally in our country. However, increasingly distributors international that they are offering the Xiaomi with more facilities, such as their availability in our language, and perfectly configured for use in Spain. In that situation, it is possible that soon we can forget what it is to buy a smartphone in Europe.

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