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How to disable AutoPlay of videos on Facebook

Like all social networks content current, Facebook also has the automatic playback of videos, with the aim of achieving that we stay with the application open, and devoting time to this. However, it true is that this not is it ideal if do not want to spend data. How can disable the playback automatically of videos?

Facebook and the consumption of data

We already know that Facebook is one of the applications that more resources and data consuming all that we have installed on our smartphone. Is by that that the engineers of the company work to improve the app and avoid that this occurs. One of the modifications that are configured by default in the application is photos that we got on the social network, which uploaded in a standard resolution and not in high definition. We talked about yesterday could activate the option to upload photos in high definition. However, is curious that the application have enabled by default the option of play automatically them videos that appear in screen, because that consumes more data that the rise of the image. Even so, it is good to know that we can disable this option. How?

Facebook Reproducción Automatica

We will have to open Facebook, go to the options in the last button in the top bar, and select application settings. A time here select the option reproduction automatic, and then can choose if want that the reproduction automatic is produces with data mobile and connections WiFi, only with connections WiFi, or never if want only play them videos of form manual when we want, an option very interesting if not want spend data or battery. I must say, that Yes, low battery, in whatever mode, turns off the AutoPlay. Even so, will be good to have in has that have this option for save data and battery if so want.

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