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What to do when you run out of battery and you’re travel

Travel and run out of battery is something that usually always go hand in hand. For this there have always been different solutions, but sometimes we forget to charge mobile, bring our battery or external, plug in the phone to load when there is an available outlet. What can we do? There is always an option.

Buy an external battery with charge

And is today one of the best solutions when we are left without a battery, are travel, and are not going to be able to find an outlet, is to resort to an external battery. And Yes, I suppose that ye say that the external battery is obvious, and that if you have one, you do not need any solution. But we don’t talk about having an external battery House, but have forgotten it, and buy an external battery.

Xiaomi Mi PowerBank

In general, today it is possible to get a powerbank at almost any store specializing in electronics. Even if we travel, in any store specializing in travel also will have an external battery. They usually carry at least half load, because it is the ideal load for the functioning of the battery is correct, and does not pose any problems, so you will always find a battery with some charge.

In this way, we will only have to search for an external battery that is approximately twice the capacity that our mobile. If our smartphone is a 3,000 MAH, with an external 6,000 mAh battery, we should have enough power to fully charge the phone.

We can even find an external battery fully charged. These can be found at stations where they sell batteries with a 100% load, and serve as a source of energy.

The price of a powerbank today is not especially expensive, and we can get them for about 15-20 euros in the case of batteries with a capacity of more than 6,000 mAh, more than enough to charge your mobile phone. And of course, then we may use external battery to take it as Auxiliary battery to charge your mobile phone.

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