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Android 7.1.2 arrive to Sony Xperia X phones this week

Google released the Android 7.1.2 update at the beginning of April. The version of the operating system came weeks ago at Pixel and Nexus devices and now prepares for the users of the Sony Xperia X. 7.1.2 Android will arrive this week to Sony Xperia X.

The arrival of Android 7.1.2 to Google devices has not been as expected. Many users have reported that after upgrading the OS on your phone, have begun errors on the fingerprint sensor. Footprints of Pixel, 5 X and Nexus6P Nexus devices sensor has begun to fail. Gestures on the sensor are not allowed and in some cases even disappears as one settings or ‘ tion to unlock the device.

Google already knows the problem and is expected to soon find a solution. Meanwhile, the update continues to reach more phones. It will do so this week with Sony devices. Brand has announced that the new version of Android will arrive this week at experimental stage for the Sony Xperia X, so it is possible that some errors and failures are during use.

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7.1.2 Android comes to Sony Xperia X

7.1.2 Android will allow that Sony phone has Bluetooth connectivityenhancements, are better warnings on the use of the battery, or that, in general terms, the phones overall performance is improved.

As expected with Google phones, it will improve the fingerprint recognition system but this function may not be proven in Concept. You will have to wait for the official launch of the update from Android to Sony Xperia X. This will cause that Sony could not be reluctant to try the upgrade due to fears that stop functioning sensor as it has happened on Pixel and Nexus phones.

Not anyone can update Android in your Sony Xperia X. To do so will have to be part of the programme Concept, a programme launched by the brand that allows you to get updates in test and pilot phase as a mode until they come out officially to all users. You can more quickly learn changes but you’ll also find some bugs hasya update is all polished.

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