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The simplest way today to change the keyboard on your Android

Android before, and now, but was soon perceived, was an operating system full of options in the settings of the same. Today we still have lots of options, but the truth is that many of them now are no longer necessary. For example, if we want to change the keyboard of our Mobile Android, not going to have that complicate us too, since now is really simple.

Choose a keyboard

Indeed, to change keyboard, rather than see that you adjustments we need to make to our smartphone, we must find what keyboard is that we want to install on our Smartphone.

Why? Many developers of keyboards, indeed all which have a keyboard that really has value, have integrated in its process of configuration all them steps that have that follow to make them different modifications in the configuration of your mobile Android for stay you with said keyboard as the keyboard default and have all their functions active.


Thus, far from having to go to settings and having to search among the different options that there is language and text, which could be called otherwise depending on the mobile phone you have, the only thing you have to do is choose a keyboard, SwiftKey, or Fleksy, for example, and from here, install it and run it. Once you have him executed, follow the steps that will be guiding you the application itself and at the end you’ve configured the keyboard as the default of your Android mobile. More complicated is to return to the Android Stock keyboard, the original. If you want to install any other, you won’t have any problem, because you will only have to follow the steps to install it. But to return to the keyboard original, it will have that search the option language and introduction of text, and here activate and select the keyboard that want.

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