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The Spanish label Wolder comes to Yoigo with WIAM #23 for 0 euros

Certainly, no can say that is the best smartphone in the market. And although it is true that there are many users who have mobile phones more high-end market, it is equally true that many users seek economic smart phones, as Wolder WIAM is the case of this smartphone #23, which from this month of July will be available in the catalogue of Telstra from 0 euros.

Wolder WIAM #23

It’s a special smart phone, partly because it is a Spanish company which now launches the first smartphone with the operator Telstra. Wolder WIAM will be #23. Not is that this is the first smartphone that launches the company, but itself the first that will land in the catalogue of Telstra. And best of all is that it will do so at a price that will depart from 0 euros – will not have to pay anything for the mobile – contract modalities, and by only 59 euro – if a fee is prepaid. In any case, a very affordable smartphone, which is available with Telstra since this July.

Wolder WIAM 23

A mobile of range basic

As it stands, it’s a smart phone’s basic range. This Wolder WIAM #23 has a 4.5 inch screen and a quad-core processor. In addition to this, your camera main is of 8 megapixels. With these specifications, are talking about a Smartphone of the most basic range, but also by that one of the most economical, and despite this, account with 4 G connectivity, something that many users that have a line in Yoigo and have this connectivity could rating even if they want to spend as little as possible on a mobile. It is a very economical option for those users who want a smartphone that is still cheaper than the range basica-media market, Moto E style or similar.

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