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The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be very fast thanks to their memories

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is already among the most anticipated smartphones in the near future. Its launch still not is clear. But know that will arrive in the first half of year 2017, and have spoken about some of the features technical with which will be the mobile, that will incorporate many improvements of hardware. His memory will improve both the RAM as the internal memory, making the mobile even faster.

Improved RAM and internal memory

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have very significant improvements in relation to the RAM memory and the internal memory. Specifically, the new data us say that will be the own Samsung Electronics which manufactured them new units of memory of the smartphone, and that used for this a process of manufacturing of 8 nanometers, with a miniaturization very high. However, those data more relevant for us have that see with the capacity of the memory RAM, that will reach them 8 GB, a great news, as well as with the made of that it memory internal, that will be a memory flash, go to count with technology UFS 2.1. I.e., it will be of very high speed. Thanks to this, the mobile should have an operation really fast, that not depend only of the processor, but also will include some technologies of memory very current.

Diseño imaginario del Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Plus S8 and S8

In addition, rumors continue to talk about us two versions of the smartphone, a standard, a Samsung Galaxy S8, and one with large format, a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plusscreen. The latter would have a 6 inch screen, while the first, which would be the smallest, would have a 5 inch screen. Of course, we would in this case with a screen without bevels, so the size of the phone, even with a 6-inch screen could be more compact, and more in the case of the Galaxy S8 with a 5 inch screen.

Whatever it is, is still specifying details of which will be one of the leading smart phones from next year 2017, which will not only improve your design, but will also have a vastly improved technical characteristics.

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