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Rocket League for Android phones would come in the form of Turbo League

Few such basic games have managed to win over users as much as Rocket League has done it. It is a classic in the PS4 and PC tournaments. It’s play with vehicles on a football field 3 vs 3. Now Rocket League for Android phones could become a reality with the new Turbo Leaguegame.

Turbo League, the League Rocket Mobile Android

In fact, it is not that Turbo League may be transformed into something as well as in the Rocket League for Android phones, is that this is precisely the objective. The idea of the game is exactly the same: cars that face off against other cars on computer by getting the ball to reach the rival goal. But it is that even the name has been chosen with the clear objective of opinion a game clearly inspired by that is already a classic video game tournaments. Now well, what we can expect of a game as Turbo League exactly? Good, what better that see the video of presentation of the video game to check it for you same.

As you can see, the key will be again in small cars that appear to be remote-controlled cars. The games will be 3 vs 3 players. And again, we have the possibility of jump and be encouraged to perform acrobatic punches or even to get fly. It certain is that not believe that the made of that the game is so similar to Rocket League go to like much to them developers, but is as is, those users that want that a game of this type is available in mobile. And is that is precisely in a context social where more logical is a game of this type. Its graphics do not have to be exceptional to make good the gaming experience. The key is in that the idea of the game is outstanding, has had much success in them platforms in which has released, and by that in the mobile also would have both success.

The game, moreover, will be free-to-play, so we can play for free , although likely in-app purchases to achieve improvements that sell to other users. We will see if finally Turbo League manages to reach expectations and truly becomes a Rocket League for Android phones. It will also be available for iOS, and we can play with both OSes in online game users.

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