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Put a song on your mobile and this app finds you video on Youtube

What you’re listening now on your mobile? It may be your favorite song that you have saved or the last playlist you’ve done on Spotify. Whatever it is, this application that we are presenting you automatically find the video on official Youtube and serves it to you without having to reload the page. See how to do it.

It’s the app’s video Music Matt. The idea is very simple. Your you play a song on your mobile and it application seeks the video more popular, or the video official, on Youtube. The result is displayed through a bubble or a notification – the app offers several options – with a list of videos that are, along with most popular music videos on YouTube.

Also, you offers the option of mark the video for “view more afternoon” and other three options more: information, open in Youtube and leave. Start by downloading the app to test it. Now, you have like functions. It is very simple!

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Find the video on Youtube of a song from Spotify

As we have said, the application works with any music player and also Spotify. Imagine it, while you’re listening to on Spotify application, Music Mate sends you a notification that topic official video. Is it way more easy and fast of have song and video in Youtube automatic, without having that out of the player. And so is how it makes.

Install the app and open it. It will look like the menu you have the following picture to make first-time configuration. In the left part of the image you have the notification options you can choose: “Notification bubble”, “mode notification” and “Manual mode”.

Choose the recommended (“notification bubble”) if you want to show a bubble with a musical note whenever the app to find the video of your song. It is the most convenient because it is not mixed with other notifications from other apps.

configuracion music mate

This is what you’ll find when you start to try it. When the app detects that are listening to a song will be shown the bubble of notification. Click on it and the following screen appears. It doesn’t matter if it is in your player, Spotify or even Google Play Music. Is compatible with all.

notificaciones music mate

In the screen on the left you can see what it has to offer you. The name of the song and the label informandote that is the official video. But the most interesting is that you can see the video on Youtube without having to charge it. In addition, gives you the option to Save the video to view it later. If you choose, it will be included in the section “Watch later” of the application itself.

Other more interesting options is to share the video on social networks from the app and have on hand a list of all the videos that you have seen in recent days.

The application is still in beta and can not show you a video. In that case, the message that you can see in the right part of the image above.

Also keep in mind that Music Mate need Spotify “access of notification” just for listening to music. This permission is optional and will ask you to activate it when necessary.

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