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Alert on several Android apps VPN for security flaws

If you are using a VPN Android application you are interested in in this news. They have released a notice on several of these apps that are running backwards from how it should. Instead of protecting your device (data and navigation) have shown security flaws. There are many chances that leave your mobile phone in the “open”. To avoid this, here is a list of these applications and explain why they work poorly.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual private network that protects your phone when connected to the Internet. What it does is encrypt all traffic data between the two devices and the connection through this private network. It is useful if you connect to a public Wifi and also is often used, for example, to connect with the network of the company from home. In the case of some VPN of Android, is has detected risks of privacy and security, and some of them apps will have retired of Google Play.

Researchers of the CSRIO, scientific organization of the Commonwealth, have investigated more than 200 applications Android VPN and have become critical conclusions. These are some of the most revealing.

In VPN apps of Android security flaws

The reliability of these applications has been committed and can affect millions of users, according to the researchers. The most serious failures that have been detected are that 18% of apps of VPN not encrypted traffic at all, that 84% of the user traffic is lost or 38% to reveal a presence of malware or malvertising.

Another important aspect is that more than 80% applies for sensitive data such as user accounts and text messages, when that is not necessary. In addition, less than 1% of revised VPN applications warn of possible security or privacy when they appear.

All this means that 4 of every 5 apps Android VPN request confidential permits, 4 of every 5 contain malware, 2 of every 5 or even encrypt the information as they should. In fact, they can facilitate access who is dedicated to “steal” them to sell it to third parties.

VPN Android applications to avoid

Luckily, the study has published a list of those applications VPN for Android that you should avoid. Some of them have already been removed from Google Play Store. Here’s the full list.

  • OkVpn – eliminated
  • EasyVpn – eliminated
  • SuperVPN – eliminated
  • HatVPN – eliminated
  • SFly Network Booster – eliminated
  • CrossVpn
  • Archie VPN
  • One click
  • Fast Secure Payment

Applications from the list got the worst score in a test that proves its strength to 5 different types of malware: Adware, Malvertising, Riskware, Trojan and Spyware. All applications excluding SuperVPN had a classification of Play Store from 4.0 or older at the time the research was published.

How to find a reliable VPN

This news makes us wary of VPN of Android applications. It is therefore advisable to be careful when you download and use this kind of apps. It is good to search through several VPN options and not to use the first one that is found. It is also essential to read the permissions requested application and avoid those VPN that personal data requested or sending a text message.

If you want to be even more secure, we recommend the PrivMetrics application. It is the team that has done the research and makes an evaluation of all Android applications in terms of security and privacy. An easy way to detect the risks of privacy and security associated with a smartphone.


The application makes a sweep of all the all the apps installed on your mobile and the rate from 0 to 5 stars according to their reliability. It also offers recommendations on applications with functionality similar to, but more secure.

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