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OnePlus 3 receives the 7 Nougat Android Beta

OnePlus 3 is one of the motives of the year by its quality/price ratio. Now the smartphone is news because the Chinese company has announced the availability of the Beta of firmware OS Oxygen -based Android 7 Nougat, which means the arrival of the new version to your Smartphone.

Android 7 Nougat OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 already receives the Beta Android 7 Nougat. And all them users that are willing to install a version that still not is final, already can have which will be the proposed in firm of OnePlus to take the last version of the system operating to its ship logo. The new version, of course, includes some of the new features that are part of Nougat, as well as additional features coming from OnePlus.

OnePlus 3 Detalle

For example, we have a new design for the notifications section of your Smartphone. And it will be possible to reply to messages and other alerts of applications directly from notifications. Although this will not be the only change in the interface of the smartphone, because we will also see a new design in the configuration, and new options for the icons on the top of the smartphone bar. You can also add apps from third parties in the quick settings, as we have already seen that it was possible thanks to Nougat in all phones with the latest version, including the Samsung Galaxy S7. Finally, it must be said that it will also come with improvements in regards to customization platform, as well as the highly anticipated Multi window function to run different applications simultaneously on screen.

At the same time, that Yes, it must also be said that it is an unstable version, so it is likely that we will find some performance problems, as well as the possibility that malfunctioning Android Pay.

If you are a user of OnePlus tests, you will receive in the coming days of automatically updating to the Beta Android 7 Nougat for OnePlus 3. If it isn’t, you can also get the Beta version of this latest update from OnePlus website. However, keep in mind is not stable, that you can not return easily to Android Marshmallow unformatted smartphone, and that it will not be an update so simple to make as the OTA you receive automatically on your phone. This is a notice for non-advanced users.

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