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Google launches the redesign of the Google Play Store

Google has already started distributing the new design which had prepared for its app store, the well-known Google Play Store surely we all know. Store changes appearance already for the umpteenth time to spend having a design based on the cards that arrived in Google Now.

New Google Play Store

We have already seen several iterations of the Google app store, and now comes a new version of the interface of the search engine company apps store. The new Google Play Store has a design based on the cards that are so typical to the different services that are available, and saw for the first time at Google Now. Basically, each app will now be a different item, and you can move between them with relative ease. Arriving at each of the elements, we can expand them, and then read the information of each of the applications. However, it is not so easy to explain and understand and see in the video that you have here.

As you can see, it is a completely renovated, more minimalist style and with much smoother transitions between elements.

When will it be available?

The new store will be available soon to all users. There are some users, as the who has shared the video through Google +, which claim that they have activated the new design of Google Play Storeapplication store. In addition, seems an update that is coming to smartphones directly through changes to the store server, which it is not necessary to update the app store Google Play Store with this new design, but at a certain moment, when access, it will be activated.

Probably the shop will be activated progressively and will remain available for users from all over the world depending on the region and selectively to go testing that it works without problems and that the users can use the store correctly.

A new design which we will have to get used to having seen many throughout the history of the app store. What is the oldest design that you remember from the app store?

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