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My 5s Xiaomi could cause an upset and not be submitted this month, is it possible?

Since a few weeks ago is comes talking repeatedly the arrival of a new model of high-end Xiaomi. Some of its innovations, such as for example your processor or fingerprint reader have been leaked, but there are developments in the respect and are amazing. These are not others that it is possible that the Xiaomi my 5s could cause an upset and not be announced for the time being.

It is not clear if it is a movement of marketing or reality, but the fact is that information that comes through official routes – a profile on social networks of the company – has been known described just what we discussed earlier: Xiaomi my 5s could cause an upset and would not be the model that would be presented the next day September 27 – as expected. There is nothing after all that has been reported (but what if stays is the announced event).

Invitacion Xiaomi Mi5s

Interested in the Xiaomi my 5s? Discover your filing date

What is happening

Maybe something as simple as that will be another model which would be the starting the day that we have indicated before, still having all the ballots the Xiaomi my Note S (what would fit with the letter that you see in the invitation that we left before). In this way, it would be a phablet what would be the game and not a phone (perhaps implementation of the reader that uses ultrasound is not as simple as expected, but the information is).

Case is that this would be the surprise of the Mi Xiaomi 5s could cause an upset, which would obviously come to the market later, and remains to be seen whether for take advantage of Christmas, always important campaign for the manufacturers. and what is known of my Note? Well not much at the moment, although somewhat well: would have two variants: one with 128 GB of storage, and the other with two hundred and fifty-six “gigas” (with a price of 362 and 268 euros, respectively). The two integrated 6 GB RAM, and it is possible a variant with four and more storage options.

Xiaomi Logo

Moreover, many data are not available, but with the price that has been provided, does not seem that the processor can be a Snapdragon 821 and that the camera includes optical stabilizer, as expected the phone he was talking about (Needless to say, that the fingerprint reader would be a button, remains to be seen if front or at the rear).

My 5s Xiaomi sweeps performance tests

Could my 5s Xiaomi thus give the surprise?

Because it wouldn’t be the first time that the Chinese company made a similar movement, leaving rumors of a model that, in reality, is preparing to run, but that someone else who has saved in the manga. As the invitation fits with respect to the nomenclature of the new phablet that could become, not for anything disposable stated, especially taking into account the source of the information. But, even, could be the case that the two models which will be announced. It’ll be September 27.

My 5s Xiaomi item could cause an upset and not be submitted this month, is it possible? It was published in AndroidAyuda.

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