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How to silence the voice of Google Maps when you receive a call

Application mute the voice of Google Maps is one of the most useful and, therefore, used all that offers the Mountain View company for the operating system Android. Your chances in finding information are high as well as offering the possibility of getting recommendations turn to get a concrete place. But there are some details which, by ignorance, are not properly configured, an example is getting silence the voice of Google Maps.

From 9.20 of the development this version is no longer precisely a problem it did to solution making complex choices that are not heading in the application itself – and that meant that you should check out (root) the terminal in question. Luckily, this has changed. We tell you how to silence the voice of Google Maps without complications or side effects.


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The steps to take

The first thing you have to do is to check must be a version of Google Maps, which always has to be equal to or greater than the 9.20 . This is checked in the settings of the application, and then accessing the option information, conditions, and privacy (the officer is currently the 9.37, so this should not be a problem). Without not is thus, uses the link that is there after this paragraph, in the image supplied.

WP-Appbox: Maps: Navigation and transit (Free, Google Play) →

What you have to do now is what indicated in the provided order and how are own development options , if finally takes the decision of silence the voice of Google Maps, you should know that always is possible redo the process:

  • Enter new settings
  • Click on the navigation settings
  • Among the options available, you must enable slipper play during the navigation voice during calls
  • Done this, which is enabled by default, you won’t hear the signs when you make or receive a call

Version Maps
Opciones de navegación de Google Maps

Other tricks for Google’s operating system, you can find them in this section of Android support, where there are possibilities beyond those of Google Maps.

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