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Mutifier or how to mute the chat groups

Sure that on more than one occasion that notifications that reach you from messaging applications that you have installed, as for example Facebook Messenger, are most of them that you would like to. With the development that we see indicate, called Mutifier, this problem goes away a stroke.

The application that we indicate allows to mute messages that come from groups of chats and, therefore, that is not received the maelstrom of response to a video or comment from one of the participants. Mutifier download is done from Play Store form r appearing in the free from the link that the image that we leave then:

WP-Appbox: Mutifier (Free, Google Play) →

This work which allows is that manually, it may silence notifications coming from numerous form at a point in time, and in this way to the user is not disturbed . Thus, the first message that emits the usual notice, but the rest not and therefore the comments type OK, fantastic or incredible are not notified. If this is what you are looking for, Mutifier is your choice.

Activation and options

Once downloaded development with the above link and the requirements for which are none other than 20 MB of free space and Android 5.0 or higher, to run Mutifier first calls that some permissions that are necessary for its execution activate. This is done by pressing OK, and subsequently activating the slider that is there on the new screen.

Mutifier what it does is to mute the sound a certain time when it receives a notification, so it is this time that must be configured to make use of the development which the user wishes to. This may be of 10 seconds on, so it is important that the choice is appropriate.

Aplicación Mutifier para Android

Done this, simply use normal terminal Android and Mutifier to do its work. The truth is that everything is simple and effective, so that this development is recommended If you search for a shape fast ys ASY to establish this type of configuration on your Android. Other applications for Google’s operating system can find them in this section of Android support, where there are opportunities beyond the annotated.

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