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The incomprehensible delay of the multi-view to Android

Expected that Android Marshmallow would bring with it the functionality of multi-view . This allows the power view and use two developments which are at the same time open and displayed in the panel split form. Thus, multi-tasking work will optimize in the development of Google. But, this, was not so unfortunately for users and, therefore, hopes have been in Android N. But there are reports that are not exactly positive in this regard.

They have to do to a possible than delay of the arrival of the multi-view Android and, by extension, the option of working in a similar way to a which is already possible in models from Samsung, as for example the range Note. Even, has been quite clear that the possibility of this functionality with adjustable window will not be of the game nor in the current Nexus or tablets which now has Google in the market. An and deception, truth.

And, the truth is that it is incomprehensible. If you consider that Samsung has demonstrated that it is possible to implement continues to be negative–and at the same time surprising – that in Google launch definitively the multi-view for Android and, in addition, with all the possibilities. The use of the options that already provides the operating system would increase considerably and, even, the professional use of this would be much greater.

Cómo activar el modo multiventana en Marshmallow

What is what?

Two are the reasons I think that they occur so that the arrival of the multi-view is a reality. The first has to do with the own Android and, more specifically, of the applications. While with leaks and test versions of Google has shown that exists it and who works in it, the truth is that the developments are a handicap. And, thus, this is due to that are not many creations that would be compatible with multi-view. And, therefore, use restrict to those of Google. And this is a problem that also Samsung models suffer from.

Therefore, until this is not arranged I don’t think that the multi-view will definitely Android, and the truth is that it is unclear when this. Therefore it is universal concern to Google, and is logical. But it is not less true that it can be as in other occasions: launch an API and that developers are incorporating it slowly… and not this vacuum.

Logotipo Android para la scene

On the other hand is broken problem with Chrome OS , which in fact not so much. If the multi-window is included in Android, especially adjustable, professional use will be much more clear – and with not much time would become a rival for the operating system for Google – notebooks. And this is something that is not desired (and the arrival of Android applications to this development are not a problem, since they enhance the use of the Chromebook offline).

Case is that for now, the multi-view in ‘pure’ Android is just a desire, close, but I would like to order and within. And already we are at a point where the it can become a little stigma for Google which do not put it in play. A failure that should not committed seeing work as Samsung’s own Remix OS. What do think?

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