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Moto Z and Moto Z Play, release and prices of those bike Mods confirmed for Spain

Lenovo introduced its new high-end phones weeks ago, the new Moto Z and Moto Z Play, smartphones that highlighted by its modularity thanks to bike Mods. A new idea that came in these two smartphones different level, and which now lands in Spain with a price that we already know. Its launch will occur mid October. Already we know also the price of the module’s camera from Hasselblad and of the projector.

Z Moto and Moto Z Play

Both the Moto Z as the Moto Z Play are mobile of appearance similar, with a design almost identical, something logical if have in has that them two should be compatible with them bike Mods, although there are that have in has that actually are phones smart of different level. One is of range high, the Moto Z, while the other is more than range upper-middle, being therefore a smartphone rather more economic. Moto Z, therefore, arrives with a price of € 639, while Moto Z Play will have a price of 449 euros. Thus, we see that the difference between the two is remarkable, although both are compatible with modules, something that is very remarkable if we are looking to use one of these modules especially and do not want to spend so much money.

Moto Pro Camera Amp

Motorcycle Mods

In regards to the modules that will arrive to these two smartphones, there are two that stand out in a special way, the Hasselblad camera module, and the projector module. The latter will be the most expensive, with a price of one 299 euros. The module of Hasselblad not will be so expensive, and is will be in the 249 euros, counting with a zoom optical of 10 increases, and with a sensor more large that the of a phone mobile. It also includes a xenon flash, and in general is the bet of Lenovo and Hasselblad to improve mobile cameras, whose great flaw is the smaller sensors of smartphones have, and that could be one of the solutions to this problem. At the moment, it is a different approach to the Apple with the iPhone 7 Plus and the Huawei P9 or LG G5, but which could also be very interesting. With this price, that Yes, supposed perform a disbursement important, although there will be that test well the camera to know if deserves the penalty.

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