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Huawei will be the second company to use Andromeda, with which device?

Do not have last or 24 hours since it has known that the first model with system operating Andromeda will be the portable Pixel 3 of Google, and has been already leaked the second company that will launch another product based on the development to the Mountain View company announced on October 4. And, this is one of the most powerful things that exist on the market today: Huawei.

It true is that this has all the logical as possible, since the company Asian is an of which supports clearer Android for all your products and, as a collaboration with Google is intense (an example was the manufacture of the Nexus 6 p), the rapid adoption of Andromeda is not something that should just be surprised.

Cámara principal del Nexus 6P

Portable Pixel 3 would be the first with Andromeda, the OS that joins Android and Chrome OS

Which product would be

Because according to the information that has become known, the choice by the Chinese company would be a tablet, and this will correspond to the Google Nexus range – although it is possible that this segment of the portfolio of the company of Mountain View also of the jump to the Pixel nomenclature. Thus, the expected substitute of the Nexus 7 of 2013 comes to the market with Andromeda, what means that would have a delay concerning them expectations that is had of its arrived to the market-in a first time pointed to mid or end of 2016-.


Or, perhaps, what will occur is that finally reaches a new tablet Nexus 7 when is expected and is the next generation which use the fusion of them systems operating Android and Chrome you (with predominance of the first on the second). The case is that what appears true is that Huawei would be responsible for making the second device with Andromeda, so it is expected a quick arrival to its own product range.

5 key to know Andromeda, the system operating that joined Android and Chrome OS

Much is is talking of the new version of the system operating from Google, that has logical by give uniformity to all the software of this type of the company of Mountain View. We will see react other companies that use Android in particular, as for example Samsung – due this to TouchWiz. But the “applelizacion” seems more than apparent if the step is confirmed the next 4 of October.

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