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Minitruco to combat the saturation on the mobile network

At times, perhaps not very common, could be the fact that we have the smartphone receiving coverage, which, in theory, have good connection, but that is impossible to connect to any function. Simply functions that require connection to Internet from our mobile not react. What can we do in this case? Here you have a minitruco that you get to move forward.

Saturation in the network

One of the major problems when we have coverage and in theory have connection is that while we can connect with antenna that gives coverage, this is saturated, which will not send or receive data, and for practical purposes, it will be almost as not have connection to the Internet, have a very slow connection, or have an intermittent connection, which is what usually happens. There is much to be done if that is the case, because it is not our problem. We will have to contact our operator to make them aware of what is happening, that project if it is a specific problem, or if it is not, to improve their service in that area, if you really want to. If not, we will have to learn to live with it. This is more typical of the holiday areas, with much less population in winter, and more population in the summer. Antennas used little in winter, and saturated in summer. A large facility has no logic to the operator, because it is inefficient, but at the same time, this results in in summer not be able to use network normally.

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Can we do something?

We have said that we can not do anything, but the truth is that there is a little trick that we really do something and that it will help us solve the situation partially. Our smartphone is usually permanently connected to the Internet, and we are used to that this is so, so as soon as there is a connection problem, now we don’t know what to do. However, the truth is that there are some things that are within our reach. For example, we can disable synchronization of our smart phone to make your smartphone work best. How is that our smart phone synchronization may affect the connection when it is a problem of saturation in the network it possible?

The key is that the saturation in the network hachare that the connection is intermittent, or that it is not good in many cases. When we have the phone with Active Sync, this is constantly trying to update the data in the apps. Never get it, and we usually have a lot of tasks to perform. When it receives a connection, it tries to carry out all these tasks. One by one. When we believe that we have a connection, we try to run a com WhatsApp app, and your mobile phone “will give you equal”. We can do nothing, because you are trying to download all those data that we have in the background. If we deactivate the synchronisation, little connection that we have in specific moments can use it for what you want, well is to receive messages, WhatsApp, or emails. You only have to enter the app and let that be synchronized.

It is a small trick to survive. Clearly, it will not be the ideal in any case, but we can at least use our connection at times.

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