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Three games Android Angry Birds that type should not miss

One of the Android games most recognized to date is Angry Birds, a franchise of Rovio has achieved its protagonists to reach the big screen and, of course, that users could enjoy long with their phones and tablets. As well, we recommend other titles with a similar game system that surely that you are attractive.

These developments are not so well known that we are talking about, but the truth is that these Android games are the most attractive and addictive , what makes an excellent choice for users. The theme, as I have indicated, is similar to the well-known game “angry birds”, physics and the launch are therefore heading in all works that we are proposing.

Juego Android Angry Birds 2

An important detail is that all the games are downloaded from the store Play Store , so simplicity is assured (as well as security). In addition, compatibility with different Android devices is large, which is one incentive more especially if there is a powerful Terminal.

Android games that we offer

To then offer a brief explanation of each of them and, like no, the link download so you can get them. Some of them are completely free, by which give them a chance does not cost anything, and uninstall them, does not imply remorse why.

Crush the Castle

Equipped with a cannon, which fires first stones but the advance through the levels it is able to use pumps or more disparate, has put an end to the castles that appear on screen and will try to end the inhabitants of these. With a very large physical presence, it offers a lot of hours of gameplay. The graphics aren’t anything of this world, that is true.

Juego Crush the Castle

WP-Appbox: Crush the Castle by Namco (Free, Google Play) →


Save Bacon is the goal of the protagonist of this game pig Android. To do this they used from Slingshot to catapults, and weapons are present (arrows or machine guns). With two hundred missions where kill pigs, the hours of gameplay are insured. Its graphics are not bad and that Yes, are the most fun.

Juego Hambo

WP-Appbox: Hambo (Free*, Google Play) →

Catapult King

Game where physics plays a main role to save the Princess from a dragon, which is the goal of the title. With three-dimensional graphics that allow you to view the entire map, the magical objects are present stones that are released to do more damage. The sound is spectacular – for fun – and their quality is on a par to the addiction that offers. An Android game that you have to try.

Juego Catapult King

WP-Appbox: Catapult (Free*, Google Play) King →

Other games for Google’s operating system can find them in this section of Android support.

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