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iMessage in Android by wish of Steve Jobs

Who could tell that nothing more and nothing less than the same Steve Jobs, who said at the time that spend every penny to sink Android, wanted that communication of Apple applications will arrive in all operating systems. That desire known CEO and founder of the bite Apple, could result in the arrival of iMessage to Android.

iMessage on Android

Difficult is that not you sound nothing iMessage, but simply say that it’s The Apple WhatsApp. It is integrated into the Mac, the iPhone, the iPad and even the Apple Watch. Its operation is the same as the messaging application that we use every day, but the fact of being cross-platform for all Apple devices makes it especially useful. His only problem, clear is, is that not is available for Android and other systems operating. But that could change, because according to John Gruber, a known guru of the technology very close to Apple, the company of Cupertino would be working in a version cross-platform of iMessage. He would come to Android with an own Material design interface, which actually only would be one app in the Android ecosystem company, following the path of Apple Music.

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Steve Jobs’s desire

But the oddest thing of all is that the arrival of iMessage to Android might have been in fact a desire of Steve Jobs. Contrary to what many can think today, that Apple does not release these services because they want to have something that users of the iPhone, the truth can not rid is the idea that the company’s founder had in his head was very different. And it all started with FaceTime. Already with the application of video calls Steve Jobs wanted that this out free and open, by what could be integrated by other manufacturers in their smartphones. What Steve Jobs wanted was to set a new standard of communication for video calls. The big problem is that FaceTime was never developed to be free, by what legal level this meant many complications for the software that was used.

However, this us makes clear what was the idea of Steve Jobs. Not wanted to limit is to launch a service for their devices, but a service that changed the form of communicate us, that did that the phone out part of the last, and that now we saw them faces to the talk.

Following this philosophy Apple would now launch iMessage for Android. The truth is that, as a user of Android and Mac that I am, find me iMessage performance level, and even better, than the WhatsApp. Although not there are very great differences, it well integrated that is in all the devices of Apple makes that sometimes I raise, only by that, acquire an iPhone. The arrival of the smart clocks, communication through them and so on, could be key.

Gruber says the release iMessage on Androidwould not be something that would lose many users to iOS. And in any case Yes it would bring you to Apple a reputation if finally the service is widely used. The funny thing, to the case, is that many Apple users will use it to communicate with your friends with Android phones, and this could lead to the latter to choose this service, and over time, choose Apple as the brand they want. Whatever it is, from our point of view, any application that generalize to all operating systems is a good thing.

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