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The Xiaomi my Note 2 already you can pre buy from Spain

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 has been one of the protagonists of the day, as presented Xiaomi logo is the ship this second half of the year 2017, a rival to the iPhone 7 Plus, Google Pixel XL and company. However, being a mobile that comes from China and that is not officially sold in Spain, was to know when and how could get it. As well, it is now available for pre purchase from our country at a price of about 400 euros.

Already pre buy

As tends to be common with the mobile of Xiaomi, that never is marketed of form official in Europe, it more simple is acquire it by means of a distributor international, that sends their smartphones to our country. Although always are several them options that have to buy it, the availability today same that is has presented the mobile not is very remarkable, hence is very relevant that some distributor already it has, as is the case of Oppomart. This dealer has already available for pre purchase the new Xiaomi Mi Note 2. It is available in three versions. One of them is the most basic, with a RAM of 4 GB and a 64 GB internal memory. This version is available for a price lower than the 400 euros at this time.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

There is another version with 4 GB RAM memory and an internal memory of 128 GB which is priced at about 525 euros, although it’s the Chinese version. And is that with this same capacity but in his version International is available by 615 euros. The three versions, that itself, in its Variant of color black, that probably is the more sought by them users by be the more elegant of all. There are that say that to the price of the mobile there are that include the expenses of shipping, that are special for the mode of shipping to Europe. With a cost less than 20 euros, it is a type of shipping that payments do not generate customs, they say.

Xiaomi my Note 2

If something stands out the new smartphone Xiaomi is precisely for being very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It has a 5.7-inchdisplay that is curved at both ends. But in addition to this, your fingerprint reader is integrated into the main Home button, under the screen, so that the smartphone is very similar to the Samsung.

At the level of hardware we have nothing less than a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 and a 4 GB RAM memory. His camera is almost 23 megapixel, being therefore a smartphone of the highest level. No doubt, a great option, you can pre buy now same for a price that is not very expensive if compared to other smart phones of similar level.

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