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Huawei P10: best camera, best sound and two new colors

Get new data from the Huawei P10, which will suck to become one of the best mobile in the market once more this 2017 after a 2016 of the most successful for the company. The new mobile will improve still more the camera you will be, including a higher quality sound system and will come in two new colors.

Huawei P10 with an improved camera

There will be improvements in the resolution of the cameras, of course. If we take as a reference Chamber of Huawei Matt 9, we find a sensor 20 megapixels and a 12 megapixel sensor. Monochrome one and the other color, for pictures of great quality with a high level of light. However, developments in this case will come with an aperture of f/2.0 instead of the opening f/2.2, so the smartphone will be able to capture even more light.

Huawei P9 Leica Camara

It will also, with the latest Sony sensor, with a few pixels larger than the Google Pixel. If we take into account that this factor is that has made Google Pixel the smartphone with best camera on the market, it is easy to conclude that the P10 Huawei could aspire to get the title of mobile with better camera.

Improved sound system

However, something that Yes was criticized in the last Huawei P9 was the poor quality of audio that had. On this occasion would not be so. Huawei would now have a designed by harman/kardon sound system, and with a chip of audio which would be designed and manufactured by Yamaha, so in general we will offer good audio quality users that we are looking for a mobile phone to listen to quality music.

Huawei P10 Colores

Two new colors

The latest news for the smartphone would in its design, and it is that to the former White, black and gold, now would have to add a green color and a purple version. They aren’t common colours on smartphones, but there will be more releases in the case of Huawei P10. It is more common to see these colors in the range mobile media, but this time will be in a high range.

By the way, could become some improvements for the processor, having a version somewhat improved Huawei Mate 9 chip, in the case of a Huawei Kirin 965, although it would be almost the same as the previous one, with a slightly higher clock frequency.

Would have a Huawei P10 which would have a screen of 5.5 inch Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixel and would be compatible with the platform of virtual reality Daydream, which also would have a 6 GB RAM memory. And a Huawei P10 Plus with a slightly larger screen, same resolution, also compatible with Daydream and a 8 GB RAM memory. Obviously, it would also be more expensive. It is believed would be more basic mobile price 700 euros. Huawei already she is reaching the highest prices on the market.

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