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Google Pixel 2 would be submersible in water

The Google Pixel of this past year could be considered as the best mobile in the year. With improved with respect to the own Android software, a good screen, excellent processing, and the best camera of smartphones market components, would could be ordered more? As itself, and that is precisely what we can expect from the Google Pixel 2. They would be submersible in water.

Google Pixel 2 submersible in water

Water resistance is a feature that is becoming increasingly common on smartphones. While it is true that that doesn’t have to mean in all cases which are submersible, less if that is positive that in case of falling into a swimming pool mobile not be damaged forever. If in addition to that tell us it is submersible, then then best. This would be the case of the Google Pixel 2. The previous smartphone, that really is so current that even has been released in Spain still- and could not get-, not is resistant to the water. That means that what was probably one of the best mobile 2016 does not have a feature that it begins to be present even in the range medium as the new Samsung Galaxy.

Google Pixel

For many users this is not relevant. However, it is always good news that you know that a new phone will arrive with this feature. Mainly because that means that the quality of the construction of the device will be better. And it is what is going to happen with Google Pixel 2. We do not know if it would be so or not, but either way, we refer to the mobile – or mobile – that they will be relieved to Google Pixel and the Pixel XL Google.

Among the technical features that we could find in the only smartphone we know this novelty. It is logical that also pass to a processor better, such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, and perhaps some improvement in the resolution of the small format version. Your camera could be improved somewhat, although it is the best on the market today, so hope not big changes. A dual camera? It is a possibility. Although it was also for the Google Pixel and did not. Either way, this Google Pixel 2 can throw him into the sea and it should survive.

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