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Have a great game arcade R-TYPE and your Android device

One of the common uses of Android terminals is to be a platform that allows you to play and, therefore, to pass the time if you don’t have another thing to do. There are various titles, but the arcade type are the most popular since they mix simplicity of use and, at the same time, fun. A clear example of what we say is R-TYPE.

If you decide to try this game, forget about having to perform complex actions in order to enjoy it. Quite the opposite. The approach is simple: you have to steer your ship and go forward by different levels and, if an enemy appears on the screen, any doubt must not be: should destroy it. So, think little… acting, much. And all this with a simple operation that is possible using the touch screen or, failing that, can connect a remote Bluetooth to make everything much more intuitive (the corresponding option is in the settings section).

Inicio del juego R-TYPE

Aesthetically, the game R-TYPE comes with graphics that are not especially demanding, so compatibility with different smartphones is very wide – even with the less powerful-. The case is that they remind them that existed in the arcade of the years ochent and, therefore, have a vintage air. The truth is that when you view at first what appears on the screen the feeling is not sitting in front of a very advanced degree, but over time it ceases to be important since it has its charm. The sound is very simple and, therefore, it is quite repetitive.

By the way, R-TYPE is completely translated, which is a nice touch and must thank to the developers. This makes a suitable title for all audiences and even children are one good choice both by as directed as by how easy that is playing.

Juego R-TYPE

The most fun of R-TYPE: play

The first thing that must be considered is that in the game there are different ways to hang out. This, ensures a good amount of hours of gameplay when using R-TYPE, something that several titles of the competition does not offer. In relation to our settings, few which can be use, since apart from mentioned before the use of a remote control, just there are more possibilities than the set changes in the sound. By the way, this is a game that fits like a glove for use with Chromecastplayer.

Jugando con R-TYPE

In what has to do with the game itself, in R-TYPE what you have to do is, simply, to move around the screen and move the ship which controls to destroy the enemies. And all this, without going through the gestures, since if it clashes with top or bottom life is lost. The case is that there is a mixture of skill and precision to get forward in the title, very little time being necessary to control what must be done.

Efectos del juego R-TYPE

If you wonder by how it shoots, and if it should be necessary, the truth is that the bird in R-TYPE is always launching broadsides and, therefore, is the movement which makes that it kills one or another enemy. There is a button that allows you to stop this and, thus, that the laser is more powerful and harder enemies, fall more easily. The case, is that go through the different levels is the target, without further and, as we have stated from the beginning, nothing of complications.

Enemigos en R-TYPE

How to get R-TYPE

R-TYPE download does not have any complications, in Galaxy Apps it is possible to do with it without charge and, for a time, try it without having to pay anything. In Play Store is also available, but it has a price of 1.99 euros. A development that is worth testing for fun and easy, without needing to do this especially powerful smartphones. A good choice.

Tabla R-TYPE

R-TYPE download in Galaxy Apps.

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