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Google Allo Web will be as bad as WhatsApp Web

Google Allo is announced as the new messaging platform of the company which would relieve Hangouts, and which would also rival of WhatsApp. However, it had shortcomings regarding Hangouts, as it is the case that did not have the web version. It was said that he would, and now we know it’s coming, but it will be as bad as WhatsApp Web web version.

Google Allo will continue without being Hangouts

Hangouts was not far the best messaging application available, yes it is true that I had some very interesting features, as it was the possibility of using it in mobile, as well as in tablets and a web version. That is not possible with WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp Web, it is not a real IM client, but just a screen on which see WhatsApp in the mobile. If WhatsApp in your mobile phone does not work, we may not use WhatsApp Web. This was not the case with Hangouts, whose web version was completely autonomous of the mobile version.

Google Allo

Now Google Allo has arrived to relieve Hangouts, and is set to become an application that should also be a rival of WhatsApp. We expected that if counted with those capable of competing with WhatsApp features, but what is certain is that it will not have the level of Hangouts, because its web version, they say the current rumors, will be as bad as WhatsApp Web. I.e., it will not be a stand-alone version of the mobile app, but it will simply be which may start from the web and software that connects to the mobile, but that you can use from your smartphone. I.e., that again will have to use your mobile phone to talk with other people, as with WhatsApp Web. In my opinion, it will be as bad as the of the world’s most widely used messaging application, and will be a deficiency regarding the former Hangouts.

Google Allo Web item will be the same wrong that WhatsApp Web was published in AndroidAyuda.

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