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Google Keep is updated to help you make the shopping list

There are two types of people in the world. Which are organized using Evernote, and which are organized using Google Keep. And then are you, that you not organize, and do not deserve to be called person. But leaving that aside, must say that Google Keep been updated including some new features, including the help you to make the shopping list.

A smart shopping list

And no, it is not that Google now you will save with the shopping list. In fact, if possible, you will do the opposite, because it will help you to more quickly complete your shopping list. Of course, this will save you time when you enter on your mobile, something that will be very good for those who are somewhat slow to writing, but that will make it easier to add things to this shopping list. Is that good? Generates consumerism. Buy more makes us spend more money. Do you think that it is a strategy of Google so that we spend more money and us endeudemos? Far from jokes, actually it is a feature that is useful. If you want to add to the list of Nutella, we will only have to add the letter N to make appear us suggestions. In addition, if you write something that we already added, Google Keep will do so we know. But and if we want to buy enough Nutella to survive a nuclear apocalypse? Another strategy of Google to delude ourselves that we do not survive?

Google Keep

Preview of links

Many of us also use Google Keep to save links to web pages that we want to have saved to visit later and not forget them here. Now Google Keep will include a preview of the links that we have saved in Google Keep, in such a way that we can see in small the website, and thus not having that lead us only so it says the link, sometimes it is necessary, but sometimes not, to know what is what had saved and why we want it.

The update has begun to reach users around the world, and probably your app will be automatically updated if you do not have this option turned off. If so, you will have to update you app from Google Play.

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