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Four accessories to get more out of your LG G4

If you have a LG G4 you need to know that it is possible to get some accessories that is can take advantage of the options that are the departure terminal. We are going to show you four that we think are essential to squeeze maximum use and, also, add extra protection with a quality that is beyond any doubt a fully valid model today – since QHD screen and processor Snapdragon 808 has no problems with current applications-.

The selected products, which are very different, have a common denominator: can be used with LG G4 without any problems, since they are designed by and for this phone. Thus, if si lo compras what you buy you will be sure that you won’t have any problem to make use of them. In addition, the quality is beyond doubt, as there are even accessories that are original Asian company, which is always a nice touch.


Chosen products

Below list the perfect accessories for LG G4 that we believe that they are to squeeze the most options offered by the Android terminal or, failing that, providing additional options in the section on protection or storage. In each of them, we leave a link to purchase if you decide.


Behind this name is a micrOSD card of a storage capacity of no less than 200 GB , by which it exploits to the maximum options offering the LG G4 to increase this section to include support. Is type class 10, so it ensures a very fast data transfer speed and has a price of 88 euros, but their quality is beyond doubt.

Tarjeta SanDisk SDSQUNC-200G-GZFMA

G4 Battery Charging Cradle

For about 30 euros you can get this accessory that allows you to load in the best possible way the battery LG G4 (which is removable). Designed to make lace as a glove and white, if you have an extra battery here is possible to recharge it while using another. Ideal apra which work in conditions of mobility and with the maximum guarantees of safety.

Accesorio G4 Battery Charging Cradle

Protector Rugged Armor

Maximum protection for the LG G4 front aos blows without that tape the terminal screen, so it is not lost any comfort in use. A prestigious brand, include additional reinforcements in the corners and all ports and buttons are fully accessible. It is made of TPU and place it costs absolutely nothing. Another positive factor is the price: only € 10.

Funda Spigen Rugged Armor para el LG G4

Orzly LG G4 premium glass tempered

To complete the protection of LG G4 you take where you take it, is can add a film of tempered glass on the screen which is what does not protect the previous case. This absorbs impacts in an excellent way, without losing one iota of the touch response. Its thickness is of only 0.24 mm and has certified 9 H, so it’s able to not take any damage from handling of knives. Its price of 10 euros is more than justified.

Protector Orzly LG G4 Prima Cristal Templado para el LG G4

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