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Android 7.1 shows defects in catches sent from an iPhone

Although you and your friends are using different phones in different platforms, the expectation is that you may not have any problem when it comes to sending and receiving messages in any type of application. However, even the device more advanced can experience problems from time to time. So happens with them Google Pixel, as Android 7.1 shows defects in screenshots sent from an iPhone.

Some owners of the last smartphone released to the market by Google have informed of that if someone that uses an iPhone 7 Plus sends a capture of screen, the image is receives in the Pixel very distorted, as if some bug had altered the image by the road. The good news is that this error seems to be very easy to remedy.

fallos fotos android 7.1

Them screenshots of screen distorted only appear, of time and according to report different users in the Forum of support of Google, when is sent from an iPhone 7 Plus to any that use a Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL. The error appears to the make use of the application SMS / MMS or through Hangouts the app of messaging of Google.

A failure of Android 7.1

Although initially seems a problem of iPhone, because this bug only happens when you make a screenshot of a third party and not the home screen application, the problem does not play in reverse. I.e. you can send any type of capture made from a Google Pixel with 7.1 Android to iPhone to be seen correctly.

The error is not exclusive Google Pixel since there is some user who also has this problem of altered screenshots to receive them in a Nexus 6 running Android 7.1, so final, entity appears to be software, and not the terminal, the origin of this strange bug.

Android 7.1 can have some failed in its inside that prevents perform a correct processing of image, because only affects to the catches of screen made in the iPhone within an app.

Google has not made a statement on the matter although it is most likely that soon let’s get a new update of Android 7.1 which put an end to this problem with the screenshots sent from an iPhone.

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