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You configure featured photos as wallpaper on Android Google

There is a great number of photographers that housed their catches in Google + for show your art to the world and create your own gallery of art. Some of these photographs can pass the strict filter of Google and pass to form part of their photographs featured, ideal for set as background of screen in Android in any other type of device.

Google just to accommodate a new publication on his blog detailing the amazing photos that users upload to the social network Google + soon will be available for Android devices. The photos of Google + will be available in the application of funds of screen of Google allowing configure these images outstanding of as wallpaper in Android.

Them users can send their own photos to appear in them screens of millions of devices simply sharing their images publicly in Google +. Them photos shared of this way is considered automatically added to the presentation of images of the application of funds of screen for Android from Google. But always you can avoid this by checking your posts as private.

wallpaper en android y mac

If you want to have more chances to see appearing your images the photography of Google, can always sign up to the program Google + Create. Also from here you can know the new features of Google + before anyone else, and you can even get your verified account to let people know that your photos are really yours.

Active the photos featured as bottom of screen in Android

If you do not know how you can configure featured photos of Google Android wallpaper as you say how to do it easily.

  • Download the wallpapers app on Google Play
  • Access to the configuration of your terminal screen wallpapers
  • Select “Earth, cityscapes, landscapes, life or textures”
  • Choose “Fund of screen daily” and says that the funds of screen is downloaded only with Wi-Fi
  • Mark “Set wallpaper”

And ready, in this way you can change your wallpaper on Android automatically using the featured photographs of Google to customize the smartphone.

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