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Active writing mode with one hand on the Gboard

The renewed Google keyboard came with some new features that were not present in the previous version. Gboard, for example, us the option to activate the desktop with one hand mode to facilitate us to write when we are using the smartphone with one hand. How to activate it?

Activate the mode of writing with one hand on the Gboard

We have two ways to activate the mode of writing with one hand. One of them is not very useful. It is go to the Gboardapplication, go to preferences, and locate the option mode on one side here. We chose the one we want: ‘No’, ‘Right’, ‘Left’, and we have it. However, if we want to use this mode because we can not write with both hands, go biking, or go walking quickly, then not will be very useful to have to go to the settings section to configure this option.


Obviously, we have a much more simple and quick option to activate the mode of writing with one hand. For that, you only have to click on the logo of Google which appears on the additional keyboard which was added with Gboard. When you click this icon, more options appear us in the additional bar. At the option of the center appears a smartphone being used with one hand. Click on this option, and we automatically activated mode of writing with one hand.

If we wanted to use the opposite side there is no problem, for they will be precisely on that side a button to change the side to which aligns the keyboard. We also have a button to return the keyboard to normal mode for when we are going to write with both hands.

This function is especially useful if you have a smartphone of large format, with which we can write faster with two hands, but is much complicated writing with one hand.

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