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Did you buy a cell phone without headphones? The best that you can buy for € 6

If your latest mobile purchased it more than two years ago, it is likely that you don’t know that mobile phones now already not come with headphones. Almost none, in fact. But that is not a problem, in fact, headphones are not of great quality, and here is a great option to purchase a headset for 6 euros.

The best thing for a mobile phone without headphones

When I speak of headphones I do not speak without knowing what I am talking about. I have headphones with cable, earphone Bluetooth that they are joined by a cord, individual Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth helmets… and in price ranges ranging from the inexpensive to the more than 300 euros. Them use all, and I know distinguish perfectly between the better they sound and which not, although if you are going to go jogging, bicycling, or do not want to damage your headphones, sometimes it is better do without audio quality. Whatever it is, if you are one of those who has bought a mobile phone believing they would headphones included, and it was not so, I’m going to say what are the best that you can buy without spending much money.

Xiaomi Piston Basic

And no, I’m not saying that they are the best headphones in the world, not the best quality/price. But yes I say that if not told to do an additional purchase to your phone, these headphones 6 euros can be a great option.

It is of the Xiaomi Piston Basic, you will also find them like Xiaomi Piston Fresh. They are inspired in the Xiaomi Piston, but without as much paraphernalia. No cord of kevlar or finishing of high quality or gold-plated jack. Don’t have a headphone with best design award, but yet they are earphones metallic. And do not reach the levels of quality of audio that the Hybrid Xiaomi, obviously. But for the price, I have to say that the difference is not very high. In addition, they include microphone to make calls.

I say, they are not the best headphones in the world. but are those that I use when I need a headset that can break, or you can lose, and is not a big problem. The best choice if you have bought a mobile phone and has no headphones included. And probably the best audio quality that you’ll get for 6 euros.

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